Wireless Communication Architecture of a Robotic Services System in an Unknown Environment


  • Eva Cipi Department of computer sciences, University of Vlora "Imail Qemali" Vlore, Albania
  • Betim Cico Department of informatics engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania


semi-autonomous system, simulation offline, simulation on line, robotic agent, module based architecture, communication protocol


This paper is focused on presenting the architecture and the implementation of a semi autonomous simulation based system which is able to navigate into a partially known environment. Most of robotic agent does not support the mobility according the requirements of application. Our work of implementation provides a semi autonomous system which is guided by an operator performing several services with better quality and low costs. The design is a module based architecture which supports the robot navigation using simulation offline software and on line at the moment when the agency percepts obstacles. The robot changes states of its mobility in real time building a new strategy to achieve the normal path which is received from a simulator that executes and communicates the path calculated by a simple navigational algorithm in the virtual static environment. Using a communication protocol between robotic unit and simulator software, it is possible to correct data and to improve the system behavior using a wireless communication. The physical system is tested in a laboratory environment. It is situated in a environment which is the same designed in the simulator interface. The robot updates its coordinates in the virtual environment and the simulation runs exactly according the navigation algorithms until the sensor module transmits to simulation software new data of obstacle presences. We evaluate the performance of the system and the results confirm an improved behavior of robotic agent in extreme situations of dynamic environment.