Quality & Indexing

Internal Quality Control

Internal Quality Control is defined by Chief Editors, Editorial Board and Quality Control, Legal and Ethical Committee, with the main principles:

  • Monitoring the quality process from submission to publication and response
  • Minimized plagiarism
  • Minimized hyperpublishing of authors
  • Minimized hyperauthorship in submissions
  • Minimized self-citation
  • Minimized endogeny
  • Respect for copyright rights
  • Adherence to academic and research ethics
  • and other law and ethics issues

Plagiarism check:

Plagiarism checking by authors, before submission, is highly recommended.

Regardless, plagiarism checks of all submitted articles will always be conducted by the WiPiEC journal, using CopyLeaks® and Dupli Checker software.

External Quality Control

External Quality Control will be mainly based on response and audit by reference organizations, libraries, scientific databases according to their strict rules.


WiPiEC Journal archives all of its publication to long-term repository bases.  These bases include the internal WiPiEC Repository base which is kept by MECO Consortium in form of back-up copies of all the published material, as well as repository bases which are kept by external institutions such as:

1.) National Library of Montenegro "Đurđe Crnojević" (NBCG)

2.) University of Montenegro (UCG)


WiPiEC Journal is indexed in the following databases: 


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