Design of Pipelined Signal Adaptive Architectures for Processing and Filtering of 2D Signals


  • Veselin N. Ivanović Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro
  • Nevena R. Brnović Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro
  • Srdjan Jovanovski Faculty of Information Technology, Mediterranean University


Overlaping in execution, Pipelining, Execution time


Signal adaptive multiple-clock-cycle hardware design of the space/spatial-frequency optimal (Wiener) filter with all implementation and verification details, as well as the extensive comparative analysis has been already developed, [1]. The design allows the implemented filter to take variable (signal adaptive) number of clock cycles per a space/spatial-frequency point during the execution, resulting in the optimization of the complexity of the implemented system and in minimization of its execution time. But, completely pipelined solution could additionally improve the execution time (for a clock cycle per each space/spatial-frequency point performed within the execution). Development of the completely pipelined filtering 1D and 2D systems represents our topic in progress.