About Time-Frequency Filters, Challenges and Experiences


  • Veselin N. Ivanović Department of Electrical Engineering, University of Montenegro
  • Srdjan Jovanovski Faculty of Information Technology, Mediterranean University


Estimation, Instantaneous frequency, Non-linear FM signals, Time-varying filter


Optimal (Wiener) filter based on the results of time-frequency analysis in estimation of instantaneous frequency (IF) of the estimated nonstationary signals and on the correspondence of the estimated IF to the filter’s region of support provide high quality estimation of the linear frequency modulated (FM) noisy signals. Signal adaptive multiple-clock-cycle and completely pipelined hardware designs of this filter, with the optimized time and hardware requirements and in the one-dimensional and two-dimensional form, have also been developed. However, the IF estimation-based filtering solutions do not provide satisfactory results in estimation of the non-liner FM signals. Development of the modified IF estimation algorithm suitable to provide high quality estimation of the non-linear FM signals represents our topic in progress.