Reliable IoT Systems for Improving Quality Of Life Through The Exploitation of Cloud, Mobile and BLE Based Technologies Case Study: SunProtect UV


  • Orges Cico Department of Software Engineering, Canadian Institute of Technology, Engineering Faculty, Tirana, Albania


Internet-of-Things, IoT, Smart Devices, Fall detection, Energy efficiency, Wearable devices, Sun UV


This paper presents the integration of mobile, cloud and embedded device communications based on existing internet infrastructure. Connecting various smart objects within an intelligent ecosystem provides high capability. Moreover the trend of Internet of Things (IoT), addressing health, quality of life, smart cities etc. has been presented. We described similar aspects with a proper case study (Sun Protect UV), relying on Nordic Semiconductors in which a health related mobile cloud application interconnected with a wearable device are presented. The research undertaken shall represent not just the technological innovation, exploiting state of the art technology, but also the health benefits related to this smart system.